100 Egg Mud Baths in Nha Trang

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The 100 Egg Mud Baths in Nha Trang is a unique place located up in the hills that allows guests to bask in egg­-shaped pods filled with mud. Soaking in mineral mud like this has long been known to help relax and soothe the skin, and according to research, mud treatments can also be used to alleviate the symptoms of conditions such as gout, arthritis and various skin ailments.

All kinds of mud-­related treatments, wraps and scrubs are on offer at 100 Egg Mud Baths, and there are plenty of pools of water to wash it all off with (which can also be filled with essential oils and the like).

As a large complex, there are also plenty of things here to keep visitors entertained that don’t involve floating around in mud. Aside from regular events, visitors can enjoy a spot of shopping, or even some kayaking or rock climbing, with a man­-made waterfall and lush green forest as a backdrop. There are also food outlets, including the Egg Restaurant, which serves everything imaginable containing eggs.

Practical Info
100 Egg Mud Baths is located approximately eight kilometers from Nha Trang’s city center. From the Cau Binh Tan bridge on the southwest side of town, head along Nguyen Tat Thanh until you see signposts for the complex.
Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh Blvd., Nha Trang, Vietnam
Hours: 8am-­7pm
Admission: 500.000 VND