Cautiously optimistic about planned July 2020 trip

Trip to Vietnam planned during Corona virus outbreak. What to do with flights, room and cruise bookings in Vietnam post-covid issue

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Question: We have a 3 week trip planned for our family of 4 starting July 27th. Keeping everything crossed that we will be able to go ahead wth plans (celebrating 20 year anniversary, we honeymooned in Vietnam), been planning this for a long time. Mostly nervous re paying our flight balance (due end May) & then finding we can’t obtain a visa. Feeling cautiously optimistic… if you’re due to travel at the same time, what are you thinking? Thanks in advance

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I’d be looking at an extremely cautious approach and agreeing with Scott, Manat and Jeffro.

Its simply not just about Vietnam opening its borders – they wont contemplate that until things have settled elsewhere in the region and conceivably globally. I think my country (Australia) will be taking same approach. Whats the point of getting your own backyard sorted just to re-open and start again. That was the case initially for Vietnam and I think that has registered.

We’ve written off a planned trip to Europe for mid June, and looking to reschedule that for 12 months later.


We were told yesterday to expect this social distancing to be around for at least another 90 days, there’s no way things will be up and running by July. More like a year I think, ..There are too many factors to be booking a holiday what’s happening with travel insurance for a start, lots of people will loose jobs .. You don’t want to be stuck in any foreign country right now. As for flights that’s another issue.


“Mostly nervous re paying our flight balance (due end May) ” if you have booked a “package” under ATOL regulations then I think you will need to pay the balance due and then wait for the company to cancel and refund you. Not paying the balance would almost certainly mean losing all you have paid to date. Any balance should be paid by credit card as then you will be covered for te whole amount under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1975.
Given that virtually all flights have been grounded , I do feel your optimism, no matter how cautious, is misplaced. No one can predict when travel restrictions will start being lifted and even when they are, I think it will be a slow process.

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