Oversized Items, Sports Equipment on Bamboo Airways flights

Special baggage items like sports equipment, strollers and other items can be carried on Bamboo Airways. The list below is a guide to help you plan your travel. If you have a bulky item that does not meet the dimensions listed please the Bamboo Airways staff know.

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Special Items

Special items include, but not limited to, strollers, prams, wheelchairs, crutches, dental braces, artificial limbs, medical equipment, certain types of medicine (official documents showing that passengers need these medicines for valid medical use), sculptures, musical instruments etc.
Passengers could store their special items in overhead compartment or under the seat in front of them.

Oversized Items

Oversized item is any item that exceeds 159 cm – 204 cm (62″ – 80″) in total dimensions (width + height + depth) or 32 kg in total weight. Depends on the airport’s conditions, Bamboo Airways will collect a fee to carry an oversized item. Oversized items include, sports equipment such as golf club, skiing equipment, skateboards, bicycle, etc.
Bicycle which includes typical bicycle, sports bicycle, motored bicycle (operated by thermal or electrical energy etc.) is treated in similar manner as a piece of checked in baggage.

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